Monday, January 31, 2011

Tante Girang Indonesia

Ketik alamat, jika kamu ingin liat foto-foto tante girang indonesia lainnya yang lebih hot dan menggairahkan.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Yang Traffiknya Ramai

Hai,apa kabar teman-teman netter? Dah lama nih gak update artikel di blog ini. Abisnya sibuk banget sih. Sibuk kerja, sibuk ngurus anak istri, sibuk blogwalking buat nyari informasi tentang cari duit di internet juga. Pernah nyoba-nyoba buat daftar program PTC, tapi dikarenakan daftarnya ribet, mesti punya rekening bank, jadinya ya dipending dulu. Kemarin baru aja dapat inspirasi buat bikin lagu, siapa tau abis diunggah di youtube,banyak yang suka trus saya bisa jadi artis terkenal, kaya Si Justin Bieber sama Bona Paputungan, he... Trus kebanjiran job manggung dan lagunya dijadikan nada sambung. Wow alangkah indahnya bila itu semua menjadi nyata. Tapi kayaknya keinginan tersebut mesti dipending juga, karena saya belum punya komputer. Buat ngeblog aja mesti pake HP. Nokia 2323 lagi. Gimana mau bikin video? Oke lah, tak apa. Mungkin ntar bisa pinjam hp teman buat merekam video klip lagu saya kalo udah jadi. Aduh,kok malah jadi curhat ya. Padahal tadinya saya cuma mau ngomongin trafik blog saya yang satu ini. Saya heran, blog ini saya buat baru sekitar 3 bulan yang lalu. Kok trafiknya bisa mengalahkan blog berbahasa inggris saya yang udah saya buat 2 tahun yang lalu, dan udah diapprove google adsense. Apa karena banyak foto cewek cantik dan seksi di blog ini ya?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thousands of Dead Birds Fall from the Sky

Arkansas, flock of birds is estimated there are about 1,000 fish found dead for no reason in the U.S. southern states, Arkansas, and fell from the sky on New Year's Eve.Dead birds
As reported by NHK site on Tuesday (4 / 1), the authorities said they received a call from citizens Beebe City on New Year's Eve, Friday (31/12), who reported that there is a flock of birds falling from the sky. The streets and local residents backyard is covered with more than 1,000 birds, a bird believed to be black and most are already dead.
The authorities also said the possibility that bird flock died hit by lightning or hail, because the body parts of birds were found injured. A few days earlier, tens of thousands of fish were also found dead in a river, a distance of 160 km from the Beebe City.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sexy And Beautiful Girl Lindsay Lohan Wake Up With Ugly Betty

Lindsay Lohan ugly bettylindsay lohan ugly bettyAfter his life broke down in the last year involved a lot because of personal problems including addiction to alcohol, young Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is ready to rebuild her acting career by appearing on screen. Star of "Freaky Friday" (2003 "and" Mean Girls "(2004) this will be a guest star in a series of popular ABC sitcom" Ugly Betty ", as dilangsir by the television station on Monday (05/05).
Lohan (21) which does not appear in any movie since the failure of her last film "I Know Who Killed Me," which was released in the middle of last year, will be a guest star for six episodes of "Ugly Betty", playing Betty's former classmate who appears evil arrives once in life the main character played by the series America Ferrera. The premiere of the actress who won praise and international fame before experiencing a lot of personal issues in "Ugly Betty" will take place in the episode that ended the season sitcom that aired. Next he will appear again to appear in five episodes next season.
Lohan's emergence into the glass screen that will inevitably remind step pop singer and actress Britney Spears is a troubled personal life as well as Lohan. Britney who appeared in another popular sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." Apparently Britney managed to reap the praise of critics and boost the sitcom ratings thanks to the stunning acting as a secretary who was in love. The success of Spears in an acting career that shows live singer "Toxic" is starting to rise again, because it could also be happening on Lohan. Good luck, Lindsay!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Appearances 'hottest' Lady Gaga Throughout 2010

lady gaga
Lady Gaga is one of the celebrities who shine in the year 2010. In addition to creating a good song good to hear, he was also very daring in dressing. Sometimes his style seems like he has a mental disorder, but all the work done with her personal stylist, Nicola Formichetti yielded extraordinary results. The popularity gained by both, even now Nicola is believed to be Creative Director of Thierry Mugler fashion house.
Many are like, many of them blasphemous fashion Lady Gaga. Starting from the habit of wearing leotard (1-piece swimsuit long sleeve) as everyday clothes, clothing religious overtones, to the most bizarre ones, ie, hair and flesh.
Buzzworthy Originally known for a long white hair bangs, but as the development berbusananya style, extreme hair styles were also evolved in him, such as telephone-shaped hair until the disc UFO. Behind it all, Gaga carry a heavy burden, ranging from clothing iron, rubber, plastic, PVC, glass up to the nets that will require high stamina and extraordinary level of discomfort when wearing it.
Collected from various sources such as refineries, justjared to PerezHilton, consider the 10 best public display of the eccentric diva who seized the attention of the world throughout 2010. Ranging from costumes bubble, meat, hair, blood, Kermit doll, sunglasses bras, bridal, planets, sexy nuns, to the robe-like three-layer cake. You can be amazed, it could be frustrating to see it.HAYOO!

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

OK. Just like last year*, let's skip this one.
I mean come on, look back at 2010 and tell me what you see :
January- the health care reform passed, Obama reveals all his preexisting conditions, including allergy to Portuguese water dogs and FOX News
February- winter olympics : Michael Phelps wins all events not run by Usain Bolt but fails at the femininity tests
March- Benedict XVI proclaims Vlad III the Impaler a Saint for his resistance to the Ottoman Empire and his knowledge of Latin
April- Burj Dubai is completed under the name Burj Abu Dhabi
May- Ayatollah Khamenei dies but not before nominating his successor : "Iran needs a hardcore fundamentalist who can exceed his powers and fix a ballot, and no one seemed more qualified than Ayatollah George W. Bush"
June- One year later, a goose moonwalks over Michael Jackson's grave. The grave itself has already moonwalked 10 yards in the direction of Beverly Hill's preschool.
July- Brasil wins the FIFA World Cup, defeating England in the semi finals and Cameroon in the finals. Meanwhile, no one notices the Second Dip (50% shaved off Shanghai Stock Exchange overnight).
August- China invades Afghanistan to relieve US troops. Russia invades Xinjiang to relieve Chinese troops. India invades England to relieve former Russian billionaires.
September- on the eve of Yom Kippur, Israel completes its wall around Palestine and accepts the independence of that square meter in the middle of the desert.
October- 50 years after Khrushchev, Sarkozy bangs his shoe at the UN. On Ban Ki-moon's head because he made a joke about his height.
November- US midterm elections evenly splits the congress : 1/3 Democrats, 1/3 Republicans, 1/3 Palinian Theocrats
December- Glenn Beck in Oslo to accept his Nobel Peace Prize : "gee... it's a bit premature... unless you give it to me so that I don't have to implement my program"

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tante Cantik Seksi Bahenol Semok

tante seksi bahenol montok 5tante seksi 24Photobucket Mau liat foto-foto tante-tante yang laen, kunjungi alamat